Conceptual Interior Design - Contemporary Art Fair

This is a conceptual interior design project of Texas Contemporary art fair.

This is a final project that I worked on during my last semester at University of Texas at Austin. The objective was to design the interior architecture of Texas Contemporary Art Fair. We took a site visit to George R. Brown Convention Center at Houston where the art fair is annually held. After studying the forms and rules of algae aggreagations (Coccolithophore) and many nights of model building, I have settled on a very unique way to present art exhibitions. The chain of gallery booths that are numbered from start to finish allows visitors to easily keep a track of where they are located at all times. The negative space of the gallery chain can be used for various gathering purposes. 
Case Studies/Diagramming of the existing Art Fairs
Model Building/Aggregation Diagrams
Floor Plans
3D Renderings
bookstore ^
inside a gallery ^
theater ^
restaurant ^
looking down through the window ^
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